Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rupert Menapace

Prof. Dr. Rupert Menapace

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Surgical Spezializations

Main focus of work and research

Cataract and IOL implant surgery
[More information about cataract surgery]
  • "Toric" intraocular lenses for the correction of corneal astigmatism (distortion of cornea)

  • "Multifocal" intraocular lenses for the correction of presbyopia (age-related far-sightedness)

Treatment of ametropia: myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism:

  • LASER VISION CORRECTION (LASEK, LASIK) with the latest-generation Amaris 750S manufactured by the renowned Schwind company based in Germany
Schwind Amaris 750S

  • "Phakic" intraocular lens implantation for the correction of high myopia: ARTIFLEX®, ARTISAN®
    [More information]

  • refractive lens exchange

Glaucoma laser and filtering surgery

Trauma and reconstructive surgery
of the anterior segment of the eye

eye surgery

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